Approximately 39.6 million people in the United States are 65 years old and older according to the United States Department of Health and Human Services. That equals one in every eight Americans. By 2030, approximately 72 million seniors will live in the United States. 90% of those 65 and older would prefer to remain in their own homes. How as a society do we assist with this preference?

First, modifications to the home help someone remain at home. Falls are the number one reason why a person injures themselves and cannot remain at home. Modifications such as adding grab bars in a bathroom, removing loose throw rugs and adding appropriate stair railings can all help prevent injurious falls which improves a person’s chances of remaining at home. 

Second, the implementation of technology into the home can also allow an individual to remain safely at home. Adding technology that detects a person’s movement and falls is a great option. Ridesharing options such as Uber, Lyft and GoGoGrandparent allow seniors who don’t drive to remain independent and stay at home. 

Third, a senior may want a caregiver to come to their home in order to remain in the home. A caregiver may come one day a week for errands, grocery shopping, and doctor appointments. Or care maybe seven days a week for daily companionship or other personal needs. 

Aging in place is a topic that has many issues. We at Indecare would be happy to go over any and all of your questions and concerns during a free of charge in-home consultation.