• 1. Assessment

    We will conduct an in-depth phone assessment with you to learn what your wishes are. We can help educate you on the various senior living options that may be available to you.

  • 2. Consultation

    We will meet with you and assess your care needs, goals, geographic desires, social and activity preferences as well as budget information. The purpose of our detailed consultation is to better understand your goals and wishes.

  • 3. Tours

    Once we have narrowed down the type of community which is a good fit, we will provide you with suggestions of places to tour. We are happy to take you on tours of these communities so you do not have to go alone.

  • 4. Follow-Up

    Once you have moved into a community, we will check on you to make sure you are happy and comfortable.


In addition to helping families find the appropriate living option, we can help families find other additional services as well. We can help with community resources and service providers such as: adult daycare, legal and financial services, realtor, movers, organizing companies as well as other professionals if needed.

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