Older Americans make significant contributions to our societyIn 1976, President Gerald Ford proclaimed May as Older American Month. Since then,
we have recognized the importance and contributions of older Americans every May. Especially
now, when it seems that everything revolves around a much younger demographic, it is so
important to recognize older Americans.

Older Americans make significant contributions to our society. They volunteer for many
different organizations. They read stories to children at the local grammar school. They sort
donations at a homeless shelter. They serve meals at a battered women’s shelter. The list goes
on and on. Older Americans care for their grandchildren because both parents work and day
care is too expensive for the family.

Older Americans are civic minded and try to help in many ways to care for their country.
So take time this month to honor an older American(s).
Remember too that this month and all other months, older Americans can be lonely and
isolated. So reach out and help to alleviate the loneliness by visiting, listening, and taking them
on adventures big or small.

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